NACHI High Quality Cutting Tools, Drills, End Mills, Taps

nachi brandhistory

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI was founded as a tool manufacturer in the City of Toyama in December 1924 based on founder Kohki Imura’s philosophy that “Domestic ability to produce machine tools is fundamental to the development of Japan’s machine industry.” The firm set up an ultra-precision machining technology to produce machines that provide production control in the nanometer range (one millionth of a millimeter) with high quality material selection and rending all processes in conformity with the environment.

The core products of NACHI: Cutting Tools/Material

Precision HSS Steel and Tungsten Carbide are main production providing the cutting tools, saw using widely in various manufacturing fields. Robots

Using for assembling, painting, welding, transferring and automation Bearings and Hydraulics

The main components of automotive and machine

NACHI is the company in the world that is involved in the whole manufacturing process like machining equipment, tools, robots, bearings, hydraulic equipment, and materials - the firm “Contributes to the development of the world of product manufacture.” KTW Group was authorized to be the official distributor of Nachi in 1999. Cutting Tools have been our main business for more than 12 years. We have promoted Nachi products to manufacturing, construction industries of both private enterprise and government field through our strong distribution channels covering 76 provinces in Thailand by the company’s expert and experienced sales team. You can be assured of our Nachi products, competitive price and after sale service provided by KTW Group.

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